NANNING CITY, China (CBSDFW.COM) – Staff at a bank in south China’s Nanning City got the fright of their lives on Friday when a giant python suddenly crashed through the ceiling to interrupt their morning meeting.

The five-foot long intruder made an unexpected entrance to the bank in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region shortly before 8:15 a.m. with surveillance video footage showing the snake dramatically falling down on a group of bank clerks who had gathered for a meeting.

Python falls from ceiling at bank in China (Reuters)

The terrified staff members quickly dispersed in horror as the snake slithered its away around the room before nestling itself behind a sofa, clearly showing little interest in opening a new account.

Local forest public security officers and workers from the local wildlife protection station were soon called in to make a withdrawal, utilizing professional tools to carefully capture the rogue reptile.

No one was hurt and the bank soon returned to business as usual.

Animal protectors said it’s possible the python may have been reared by someone nearby, and believe it was hunting for food when it fell into the bank’s interior. Remarkably, it is the second time this Nanning branch has been visited by a snake in the last year.

The animal is currently being kept at the city’s wildlife protection center.