KELLER, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas business owner is facing backlash after displaying a sign that appeared to mention President Donald Trump and the recent string of mail bombs that were sent to top Democrats and critics of the president this week.

Rene Torrez is passionate about her political views and is proud to share them.

“I have no problem standing up for myself or explaining where I stand on anything,” she said.

It’s because of her passion that she put up a sign defending Trump outside her furniture and antique store. The sign read: “If Trump sent em, they would have gone off.”

Rene Torrez’s sign

Torrez is referring to the homemade explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats and vocal opponents of the president this week. She said the response to her sign was mostly positive.

“What’s interesting is how many people came in here and knuckle-bumped me and high-fived me,” she said.

She said she was surprised at the backlash she received online.

“There’s been some on Facebook. I don’t run from it. I face it head-on,” Torrez said. “I would never want to do anything that hurts anybody. I said, ‘So if you’re offended, I’m going to go there right now and erase it.’ And I did. Immediately, I did.”

The chalkboard in front of her store remains wiped of the words some found insensitive.

“I was trying to make light of a situation. All day long, I heard that it’s Trump’s fault and Trump’s people. I got so tired of this,” she said. “I know bombs are not funny. I’m not saying that. But we need to lighten up.”

Torrez said next time she’ll keep some of her views and opinions to herself to try and avoid something like this from happening again.