GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Grand Prairie ISD teacher was suspended after being accused of spitting on a student.

Video of the incident at Grand Prairie High School surfaced online earlier this week.

The school district identified the woman in the video as special education teacher Tiffany White.

atiffany Grand Prairie Special Education Teacher Suspended For Spitting On A Student

Tiffany White (Grand Prairie ISD)

Grand Prairie ISD released the following statement on the matter:

On Tuesday morning, the District was made aware of an incident in a classroom involving a Grand Prairie High School teacher and a student.  Due to the nature of that interaction, the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave and will not be returning to the classroom.

The safety and dignity of our students is paramount to providing a nurturing environment where students can learn and be successful.

aspit Grand Prairie Special Education Teacher Suspended For Spitting On A Student

Grand Prairie High teacher (Texas Latino Media 2018)

Grand Prairie Police told CBS 11, “The parents had the option to file charges but decided not to pursue it.”

When Grand Prairie ISD parent, Doris Brown heard about all of this she said, “To me being the parent of a special needs son, I have an autistic son who is in the 7th grade, any parent who is taking care of or working with those children. You have to have patience and understanding and to spit on them would portray the wrong type of behavior to that individual.”

She went on to say, “I think that person should be removed from that position and they need to offer more training on how to communicate and display appropriate behavior to those type of children.” 


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  1. Portia Lavonne Duncan says:

    If true this is certainly due to lack of proper training or cruelty. I don’t know why the teacher did this or even if she did it. I have not yet watched the video, and I will not jump to an assumption or conclusion without facts and details. However, we that are in leadership position in any area of life whether, school, church, or politics should have training in practicing greatness of self-awareness.This makes us aware of who we are before we take on a position of leading or teaching groups and individuals. Consequently, if we know who we are, we will know if we are capable of spitting on a special education student, then maybe we would not even as much as take the job.

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