DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States two years ago, became a moment of political engagement for three Dallas women who had never met each other.

Each strongly opposed Mr. Trump. The women congregated with others inside an East Dallas restaurant that November night.

“We were not just going to commiserate, and go back to life, and let what happen, happen. We were going to make some changes,” said Jo Sutton, a member of Funky East Dallas Democrats or FEDD.

Funky East Dallas Democrats (CBS11)

Two years after that meeting, more than 3,000 people are now affiliated with the FEDD, a progressive Democrat-based group working to recruit and elect political candidates who reflect their political priorities.

Tuesday night, an overwhelming number of Dallas County Democrat candidates won elections in state house, state senate and county contests, culminating with the victory for Colin Allred in the Dallas County carved Congressional District 32 race.

Allred defeated incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions.

The FEDD’s coordinated and organized voter recruitment and retention efforts specifically in East and North Dallas, where Republicans have traditionally held political seats. “We had to show folks there are people who think like you down the street , around the corner- and three more three streets over,” FEDD member Kristy Noble said.

Jill Cochran, an East Dallas Democrat, initially held meetings in her house.

Cochran was aware that the majority of Dallas County registered voters were Democrat, but she didn’t see that majority reflected in political representation at the state level. “Educate, empower, elect. That’s how we started. We wanted to increase the progressive voter turnout.”

Cochran said the results Tuesday demonstrate the impact community groups like FEDD can have.

John Turner, John Cruezot, Ana Maria Ramos, Nathan Johnson, Rhetta Bowers, Michelle Beckley, Collin Allred, Julie Johnson and Victoria Neave are all Dallas area democrats who were victorious in elections Tuesday.