FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (CBS Local) — A supporter of President Donald Trump says he was forced to change his shirt before he was allowed to vote Tuesday in Arkansas.

Scottie Thurman wore a Trump Campaign 2020 T-shirt to his polling place. He says the Secretary of State’s office told him that was OK since Trump wasn’t on the ballot this time around.

“I go in, and the lady that takes your ID tells me that I need to either remove or turn my shirt inside out to be able to proceed in there and cast my ballot,” Thurman told KFSM. “I didn’t think that was right. Which I argued with them a little bit and they broke out a rule book that said any propaganda has to be 100 feet from the door.”

Thurman said he was allowed to vote after he changed his shirt and filed a complaint against the Washington County Clerk’s office.

“Our poll workers do their best on election day, and many of them are volunteers.” Washington County Election Coordinator Jennifer Price said in a statement. She added the election commission addresses any issues that come up and educate volunteers as necessary.

KFSM cites Arkansas state code (Arkansas Code Annotated 7-1-104) as reading: (7) It shall be unlawful for any person to attend any polling site on election day and hand out or give away any campaign cards, placards, or other articles for the purpose of influencing the electors to vote for any candidate, except in the manner now provided by law.