CARROLLTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas DPS is still investigating a deadly crash involving three vehicles more than six weeks ago.

Investigators say it was a hit-and-run by one of the drivers, who was in a FedEx van.

James “Dezi” Davis was killed in the crash, and his daughter, Tori Davis is still grieving for him. “You wouldn’t ever find us anywhere apart. So he was my best friend.”

He was killed after 9:30 p.m. October 1 while riding his motorcycle with his hazard lights flashing in the southbound lane of the Bush Turnpike in Carrollton when DPS says a man driving a Jeep hit him from the rear.

Davis was thrown from his Harley Davidson.

James Davis – hit-and-run victim (Courtesy: Davis family)

His daughter says, “I thought I was going to be ok with that.”

But she says she can’t understand what happened next.

The DPS police report says the driver of a FedEx van tried to avoid the collision and “…ran over the body of the driver… briefly pulled over, but did not stop to check on the condition of the other units.. and drove off without leaving required information…”

In the report, the officer checked the box saying it is a hit and run.

Davis says, “It just killed me. I didn’t know how to come to terms with that.”

In a statement, Fed Ex says, “Our thoughts are with the family of the victim, and we regret our vehicle was one of several involved in the accident.”

CBS 11 asked FedEx if its driver has been disciplined, but we haven’t heard back.

The police report also says there was a passenger in the company’s van, but a spokesman didn’t answer our question about him.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner says the cause of death is accident blunt force injuries.

The DPS report says the first driver who hit Davis did pull over and stop, after “driving with driver inattention.”

DPS is still investigating, and no charges have been filed as of now.

Davis’ attorney, Tim O’Hare says many questions remain: “Were people on the phone, texting and driving? Was there something to hide? Is that why you left the scene? All those questions will hopefully be answered through their investigation.”

Davis says, “You go from sadness to anger, back to sadness, into depressed, til you don’t know what to do.”

She and her family were looking forward to the holidays, and his 62nd birthday five days after Christmas.

“When you’re sitting down, trying to get a head count, everybody’s who’s going to show up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You go into a store and you’re getting everyone a Christmas gift and you think you know my dad would like this, maybe I should get this for him.”

Davis says she and her wife may reserve a spot for her father at the Thanksgiving table to honor his memory.

CBS 11tried contacting the other drivers in the crash and the passenger in the FedEx van, but so far, there has been no response.