by Erin Jones | CBS 11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police units taking two hours to show up to a shooting or a robbery.

It’s what one Dallas Police officer says department records show and he’s on a mission to do something about it.

A YouTube video Officer Nick Novello posted last week has been viewed more than 11,000 times.

In it, he brings attention to DPD’s response times.

“On the call sheets you’ll see priority, a priority one in one instance, a priority which is lights and siren call – holding for two hours,” Novello said. “I went to the mayor’s office and I showed him three calls. I showed him a shooting on the freeway – a shooting, that’s a lights and sirens call – priority one – police hadn’t responded to that an hour later. I showed him a call where there’s an African American male that has been robbed, he was lying on the ground bleeding, police hadn’t responded to that for about an hour and a half, two hours.”

anovello1 Dallas Officer Brings Attention To Slow Response Times In Video: The Citizens Of Dallas Are Greatly Imperiled

Dallas Police Officer Nick Novello (courtesy: Nick Novello)

Novello said the response times are not a a new problem and he’s gone to city council about them before asking for solutions.

He said without the solutions, the problem is getting worse.

“The citizens of Dallas are greatly imperiled,” Novello said. “We’re so far past the viable point of damage control. If we hire 1,000 officers tomorrow it is a year and half or so before they’re on the streets. We need to sit down. Have these conversations, define the issues
and then come out of the box so to speak and look for some solutions.”

The President of the Dallas Police Association, Mike Mata sent CBS 11 this statement:

“After looking at officer Novello’s videos and the screen shots of the calls that he is referring to, it is very disheartening to look at the wait times that these call have at central. Obviously, Dallas residents expect a high level of service which most importantly includes arriving in an appropriate amount of time. I do believe that these response times show a lack of officer staffing, at not just central but at patrol divisions all over the city. To rectify this, the City of Dallas leadership is going to have to put public safety above bridges, golf courses and deck parks.”

The Dallas Police Department tells CBS 11 year to date — on average — the response time for a priority one call is just over 8 1/2 minutes.

A spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department said DPD has made strides in reducing response times for emergency priority one calls.

They report response time for priority one calls year to date 2018 is 8.34 minutes. This is down from 8:40 in 2017. The response time for priority one calls from October 2017 compared to October 2018, went from 9.16 to 8.66. The seconds count to 100.

The spokesperson said the department continues to explore ways to improve their overall response time and service for the safety of the community as a whole, which includes embarking on a robust recruiting effort to address the staffing challenges that they currently face.

Mayor Mike Rawlings released the following statement:

“I could not be more proud of our Dallas police officers for the incredible work they have done over the past several years driving crime down to historic lows. Our per capita crime is at levels that we have not seen since the 1960s. It’s one of the many reasons that I believe our police officers are the best in America. As a large and growing city, we of course will continue to face public safety challenges, particularly related to staffing. My staff and I have met with Officer Novello over the past few months to try to better understand his concerns. We appreciate his insight and we are grateful for his service.”

Comments (45)
  1. When seconds count the cops will be there in about eight and a half minutes.

  2. LeDoyle Pingel says:

    This is why our guns are our only protection. When seconds count police are hours away, not just minutes away.

  3. Dallas is super blue… unfortunately the criminals have the upper hand.

    Many Californians and New Yorkers moving in don’t know how to defend themselves. It’s a crime rich opportunity environment with high rewards and low risks.

    The Police try hard, unfortunately the Police can’t keep up – the Police cannot be everywhere all the time… the police want to help you, however knowing how to defend yourself and learning about crime prevention will help the residents of Dallas immediately who make those efforts.

  4. Norman Vance says:

    This is why you should have guns and be responsible for providing your own security.

  5. Luis Martinez says:

    Where the hell is the chief? Does the buck stops anywhere at DPD? Fire his ass.

    1. Read the article and watch the videos. This is not the police chief’s fault. Obviously the police are understaffed, which is why they are unavailable to do police work. “To rectify this, the City of Dallas leadership is going to have to put public safety above bridges, golf courses and deck parks.” Officer Novello describes a department with barely enough officers to function, and Officer Mata describes a City Council more concerned with building pet projects than protecting citizens.

  6. take our guns away, for what? we are left to defend ourselves, only the criminals soon will have guns, how does that work out?

  7. Mark Douglas Hawkins says:

    With a heart condition, and cancer, at 65 years of age, with a wife and 2 teen daughters, my Texas conceal carry (and avoiding trouble and trouble spots), are all common sense to me.

  8. Inish Scull says:

    The Dallas chief is was an executive chief from the failed city of Detroit. She was bad at her job their and is bad at it in Dallas. Don’t expect it to be different.

  9. Emory Kendrick says:

    So….it’s 3 am and you’ve got no gun in the house. You hear a front window break and know someone is breaking in. You immediately grab your cell phone (where your gun used to be) and dial 911. They intruder is now at your bedroom door and has between 8 minutes and 2 hours to do whatever he wants to do.
    You feel secure because you know the PD will there soon….maybe and after all, you’ve got that cell phone.

  10. Bruce Pestell says:

    Could it have anything to do with the support of the police? Do the police think they should risk themselves and their careers for people who accuse them of violating their rights by enforcing the laws?

    1. Kathy Katie says:

      Kind of hard to blame them if they just showed up to write the reports after the fact. It’s a thankless job. Especially in a democrat community that despises you for existing and embraces the criminal elements of society.

  11. Samuel Thomas says:

    My property taxes have gone through the roof. What am I paying for? Corrupt Democrats. When will people learn? After we turn into Venezuela?

  12. John Merchlinski says:

    When Democrats run your city this is the result.

  13. Ricky Ontario says:

    Dallas needs to be cleansed. This is what happens when you allow Communists to have a place in your country.

    1. Charles Alfred Diaz says:

      Please elaborate. What do you mean by “cleansed”? I think I know what you mean, just want to see if you actually believe that and will say it.

  14. Jerry Walton says:

    This is what happens when Democrats run the government. Be it city, state or country. Dallas, just look to Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore for how your future looks under the current leadership.

  15. Beef up the police force by giving all the illegal aliens guns and badges.

  16. These reports of 2 hours response times are extreme examples. The article shows the average response time at less than 9 minutes.

    I live in a rural area. A neighbor was holding an out of state thief at gun point on his property and the response time was 40 minutes. That was considered pretty good. It can take 2 to 3 hours for a house alarm to be answered as there can be as few as 4 troopers patrolling 500 square miles.

    That is why if you can sneak pass my driveway alarm, disable my house alarm, break the locks, and not wake up my dog, you still need to get past my 12 gauge or Glock. The crime rate here is actually quite low as most criminals know almost everyone is armed.

    Since you can’t carry a cop, the right to self protection is the real issue. Can you imagine if the criminals had no fear of their target having a weapon?

  17. Vox Veritas says:

    This is in direct response to Obama-Holder declaring war on law enforcement.

  18. William Patrick says:

    Dallas has given it’s opinion on the police… this is just the police returning the favor..

  19. Eight minutes plus wait for police and I’ll be long dead and my possession gone? Time to purchase and learn to use a firearm and not to depend on government for your safety. Not mentioned is where are the police, how are the patrol areas broken down, how many officers are deployed in the rich affluent areas, middle class and poor areas? Is DPD hiring police officers to fill the apparent shortage? The story continues I hope!

  20. What does “the seconds count to 100” mean? Seconds count to 60. They might be measuring time in hundredths of a minute, but punctuation should show us that. 8.34 minutes is not 8 minutes and 34 seconds. It’s 8 mins and 20.4 seconds. That’s not over 8 1/2 minutes. This reporter really needs to learn place values and how to tell time. How can we trust anything you report? Even a novice editor should have caught this!

  21. Jhon Pat Shoemaker says:

    F the filthy pigs

  22. Hal Slusher says:

    Got to love living in cities as they slowly enter the 3rd world.

  23. Earnest Evanston says:

    Dallas is run by Democrats. Mayor Rawlings announced that Dallas will challenge Texas’ “sanctuary city” law. which allows local law enforcement officers in Texas to question the legal status of anyone they detain or arrest and threatens to punish any local government entity or official who doesn’t cooperate with detention orders issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These Democrat bureaucrats care more about illegal aliens than the safety of American citizens. Never vote for a Democrat. NEVA!!!!

  24. Dianne Brewer says:

    How about taking a pay cut and hiring more officers?

  25. Being late to a shooting is better than getting there quickly, shooting a black, and losing your job in the court of public opinion.

  26. Umberto Cellini says:

    B-b-b-b-but cops are “oppressive pigs.” Illegalates and SJW-BLM-antifa-feminist citizens don’t need no steenking poleece.

  27. Bongo says:

    black lives matter! black lives matter! why in the f±ck would any cop with a brain want to risk their life for these sub-humans? can you really blame them?

  28. Joe Frederick says:

    They need the two hours to sober up.

  29. Daniel Lion says:

    This is what happens when you under pay and overwork your police officers. Dallas City Council members divert money budgeted for law enforcement into pet pork projects that line their pockets. Until Dallas residents wise up, they’ll continue to get the government and protection they vote for.

  30. Elbert Colorado says:

    Hands up! Don’t shoot! A slow response will make it less likely for cops to shoot someone. Look at it as a way to protect citizens from the police. Just let us have our guns and we’ll do the policing for ourselves as long as juries are honest and police decide whether deadly force was reasonable before anyone is charged in the first place.

  31. Paul King says:

    How can this be? Dallas was “smart” enough to hire a female from Detroit as its chief and we all know Detroit has one of the lowest crime rates………….. Er, uh, nevermind.

  32. mjazzguitar says:

    In Minneapolis 20-30 Somali men shot bottle rockets while screaming and driving on sidewalks and lawns. The day before they surrounded a woman on her lawn and told her they could rape her according to sharia law.
    The police arrived 3 hours later.

  33. mjazzguitar says:

    There’s one town where the dispatcher used to say “we’re not going to do anything about it.” when you called them.

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