DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — Take a trip down Churchill Dr. in Denton — and you will find a most unusual place to have a seat and relax among a field of “chairys” in the one and only “Chairy Orchard.”

Judy Smith and Anne Pearson call themselves the Chairy Fairies and they are the creators of the “Chairy Orchard.”

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Judy Smith:
“It’s a good area of Denton. Very Quiet, dignified. We don’t have traffic. You would never expect this,” said Smith.

According to the two self-proclaimed ‘cherry fairies,’ it all started about yen years ago when Smith hing chairs in a tree and began calling it a ‘chairy tree.’

“Anne said, ‘Why don’t we expand the Chairy Tree to become a Chairy Orchard?’ So we created like an – almost – little ‘pocket park,'” said Smith.

Smith said it makes them smile all the time. “We started this three years ago. Our goal was one hundred chairs and we thought, ‘all right, we’ll see how long it takes.'”

The ladies said it only took four months and they just continued to collect chairs. “[It’s] Now it’s over 350 charies,” said Smith. She said they are very hard to count at this point.

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“It’s a never ending fun. The smaller chairs go on the chariy wood fence. And now we have a chairousel,” said Smith. “Somebody just came – unbeknownst to us – had that sign made; hung it up and did the horses.” Smith said the yellow chairs go in the ‘lemon tree.’

Smith said that sometimes people bring a chair signed by the entire family. A practice she hopes continues. “Some have done artwork on the chairs,” said Smith.

Smith said no office chairs though. “They’re not cute, they’re boring.”

“You know what my favorite thing is? The pun of it. People will say to their friends, ‘We’re taking you to the Chairy Orchard,'” said Smith. She said visitors are surprised because they are expecting cherries, pies and cherry trees.

Smith and Pearson who are neighbors find themselves laughing from their homes at the amount of visitors who frequent the Chairy Orchard.

“If it makes us laugh, that’s all we care.”

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The owners said that people have had picnics, birthday parties, and even at least one wedding in the orchard.