DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It took a Dallas County jury approximately five hours to find the owner of the now defunct Irving nightclub Beamers and former Cowboy player Josh Brent partially responsible for a December 2012 deadly crash involving Brent and teammate Jerry Brown.  Brown was killed.

Brown’s mother filed a civil suit against the owner of the bar.

The jury decided to award Brown’s mother, Stacey Jackson, $25 million.

Jurors found Brent 48 percent responsible for causing the crash, while also holding the nightclub 48 percent responsible. Brown was found 4 percent responsible.

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Brent was driving drunk and crashed after being over-served at the club and his friend and passenger Brown was killed.

Brent served several months behind bars for intoxication manslaughter and got one year of probation.

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“There’s a reason why Texas law holds bars accountable for injuries caused by overserved patrons,” said plaintiff attorney Charla Aldous. “This establishment chose to continue serving this celebrity guest because he was buying expensive bottles and running up a large tab. No one bothered to consider the consequences when he got behind the wheel.”

Beamers closed in 2013, six months after the deadly crash.

Jerry Brown (Dallas Cowboys)