BEDFORD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The blood supply in the north, central and east Texas regions has reached a two-year low, Carter BloodCare said on Monday.

The blood available is less than one day’s supply, and willing blood donors are necessary to prevent disruptions in patient care at area hospitals, according to a Carter BloodCare news release.

“Carter BloodCare typically likes to see 1,000 donors each day in order to maintain the community blood supply at a safe and sufficient level,” said Doug Heath, director of lab operations, Carter BloodCare. “The week ahead shows an estimated 3,000 appointments short of that target. This is a situation that will not go away overnight.”

For the next week, all donors with blood types Rh negative (O-, A- and B-) are greatly needed, Carter BloodCare said.

Blood type O Rh positive is also critically low; and that is concerning since it is the primary blood type used by trauma experts when massive blood transfusion is required.

Additionally, the nationwide network of community non-profit blood centers that makes itself available to other centers when blood shortages occur, is unable to support the North, Central and East Texas region Carter BloodCare serves. There is a widespread shortage of blood that can only be remedied by local blood donors showing up to give.

January is National Blood Donor Month – celebrated since 1970, as a time to honor the contributions of volunteer blood donors throughout the country. This is a good time for Texans to demonstrate their care and connection with community and make a blood donation appointment.

Standard eligibility requirements are a minimum weight of 110 pounds, the donor feels well that day and presents a government-issued photo ID at each donation. Potential blood donors may volunteer at age 16 with parental consent; 17-year-olds and older may give independently. Text or call 800-366-2834, or click here to make an appointment.