DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Nineteen days into the government shut down, the impact is starting to trickle down people who do not work for the federal government.

Some Dallas businesses that cater to federal workers are losing money, while others are stepping up to help federal employees not getting paid.

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Fewer lattes are being served at Ascension Annex, a coffee shop in downtown Dallas where Environmental Protection Agency employees are regulars.

“It’s definitely been one of our slower weeks,” said barista Kioan Yare. “I know for a fact some our regulars that come in all the time, we haven’t seen them.”

Less business means less money for baristas.

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“It definitely affects us directly,” said Yare. “A portion of our income is tips-based. When we don’t have the same amount of people coming in, we can’t look forward to the same spending habits that we normally have.”

The shutdown has not hurt sales at Twisted Trompo. The taco shop is across the street from the federal building in downtown Dallas. It is offering $1 tacos to federal employees who bring in their badge.

“The owners of the company decided to do this as benefit to our friends at the federal building,” said manager Augustine Martinez. “These are customers who have been here for the last three or four months since we opened.”

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Federal employees will rally Thursday at 1445 Ross Avenue in Dallas at 11:30 a.m. The organizer says they want to urge all Americans to call their representatives and ask Congress to reopen the government.