ENNIS (CBSDFW.COM) – Friday marks six days on the disappearance of a mother in Ennis and there is still no answer, police say.

Police said they are making a public appeal to hep fond 38-year-old Emily Wade.

Wade’s family is asking for help as they have fliers set to be passed out around the city.

Jared Jones is Wade’s former boyfriend and the father of their seven-year-old daughter. Jones leads this effort.

“She just wants her mommy home,” said Jones. “She just wants her mommy home, that’s all we want.”

Police said she’s measures about five feet, six inches tall.

Wade was driving her mother’s 2012 silver Nissan Altima, according to police. The car has a Kentucky license plate.

“Praying that she’s okay,” said Shirley Wade, her mother. “Built what scares me the most, Emily would never stay away, she wouldn’t do it to me, her brother, her daughter, if she could get to a phone, she would, and that’s what scares me the most.”

She worked at the local Chili’s franchise.

Her family said she was meeting a coworker the night of January 5, but she didn’t come home.

The family reported her missing Sunday, the next day.

Police have questioned co-workers and have searched the route she may have driven, but they haven’t found anything.

There may have been a more extensive search on Clay Street because it extends to Old City Lake, according to police. Boats may have been used.

“We just need to know something, so we need to know where to begin,” said Jones. “And if he was her friend, he would come help.”

The family said Wade wouldn’t leave her daughter or them on her own.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (972) 875-4462 and ask for Det. Sgt. Rickman.