by Erin Jones | CBS 11

DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Last week, the bodies of two teen boys were pulled from a car submerged in a Denton creek. This happened off Hickory Creek Road, near FM 1830.

CBS 11 has learned more than one fatal accident has happened in that spot.

Mary and Charlie Tucker said their brother, Lucas knew how to put a smile on their face. He was studying biology at UNT and played in a few local bands.

Mary, Charlie and Lucas Tucker (courtesy: Tucker family)

“He lit up every room he walked in,” Charlie Tucker said. “Every day I’d come home and he’d always be laughing about something.”

On January 21, 2018 Lucas was going to work with a friend. They were heading down Hickory Creek Road when their car hit a curve, slid and fell about 25 feet into a creek.The driver survived, but 24 year-old Lucas did not.

“It’s frustrating knowing that it could be prevented,” Charlie said.

Last week Charlie and Mary learned about the death of 17-year-old Diego Rivera and his 14-year-old brother Daniel.

Diego and Daniel Rivera

“It brought a lot of those emotions back, rushing back, because we know how painful it is,” Charlie said.

“Another family had to go through a loss,” Mary said. “It’s terrible.”

The two believe had there been better guard rails, signage and lights on the road. Lucas and the teens would have survived.

They said they started pushing for these things after their brother died.

“The engineer said that road was safe and nothing needed to be done,” Mary said.

They said now, after another accident, Denton County officials have promised better guardrails and to add and enhance signs and pavement markings, but they said still more needs to be done.

“I think that even though we’re putting up the guard rails there’s still going to be more crashes just with how tight those roads are. I think that section of the road just needs to be redone to where there’s not such sharp turns,” Mary said. “There’s no shoulder on the road either. It’s a country road so there’s no lighting in the area. It’s usually pitch black.”

“Some more lighting added to people know what’s coming up. They can see the road ahead,” Charlie said.

They said they’ll continue to fight for these things, knowing it’s what Lucas would want.

“He wouldn’t want to see anyone suffer though that,” Charlie said.

The public can submit requests for road improvements throughout Denton County by clicking here.