FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas was represented at the White House as the president announced the deal Friday.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price met with President Trump to talk about partnerships with cities.

Price said Fort Worth and other cities don’t depend on the federal government, but they partner a lot, which doesn’t happen when Washington stops working.

She went to Washington Friday to talk about economic and educational opportunities.

With that in mind, she also intended to advocate for an end to the shutdown, an outcome that happened while she waited at the White House.

It’s hard to move business forward, it’s hard to move everybody forward when a lot of people aren’t getting their paychecks,” said Price.

A functioning government is essential for championing public private partnerships on infrastructure and eduction, creating jobs.

Price said there was support and excitement from Trump and Vice President Pence in an abbreviated meeting.

She was hopeful the hurdle won’t repeat itself net month.

“I think our partners in congress on both sides of the aisle need to work with the president and with his cabinet and hopefully move this forward,” said Price.

If there’s another shutdown, Price said partnerships with charity groups, community centers and available housing funds have the city well prepared to get through it.