DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas police officer who’s brought attention to officer shortages within the department said his job is in jeopardy because of it.
Officer Nick Novello posted a series of social media posts and YouTube videos voicing his concerns about the current work environment at the Dallas Police Department.
“The largest city in the metroplex, Dallas, simply cannot police its streets,” said Novello.
Novello said he believed the DPD is trying to terminate him because of his social media posts.
He’s a veteran officer who’s been with the department for over 35 years and has been fighting for a market-driven wage for officers and better staffing for the past two years.
He said the department is losing Dallas police academy graduates to other departments because they’re not getting these things, which adds to the officer shortage.
“I believe they deserve a market driven wage and I believe they need to be deployed in sufficient numbers,” said Novello. “Recently as of the last graduating class, there was immediate resignation so the officer could go up North.”
Novello said he’s been told his narrative is becoming a problem and said the police department placed him in a program that will monitor him more closely. He believes it’s a precursor for termination.
“That group is simply for officers who are problems,” said Novello. “When I asked him, sergeant do you have a problem with my work performance he said no, we have an issue with your postings.”
The Dallas Police Department said in response, “The ongoing internal affairs investigations of this officer involve violations of departmental procedures. Because these investigations are ongoing, we will not comment at this time.”