RHOME, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A sad, graphic look inside the Hell four Wise County siblings were living in when police responded to a disturbance call, is revealed in an arrest affidavit released Thursday.

It revealed what even some sheriff’s deputies said they never could have imagined.

As parents Paige Harkins and Andrew Fabila sit in the Wise County Jail, what they allegedly put their children through is coming into focus.

Andrew Fabila (left) and Paige Harkins (right) (Wise County Jail)

In the affidavit, deputies said as they spoke with the parents outside a metal structure, they immediately saw four children.

The scene where deputies reportedly found malnourished children, two locked in dog kennels, at a home in Wise County. (Chopper 11)

“One child was wrapped in a blanket, lying on a heating pad which was on top of a plastic wrapping over a mattress,” the affidavit stated.

Two were “locked in a canine kennel and were covered in their own feces.”  A fourth was “lying in a pack-n-play bed wrapped in multiple blankets.”

The structure had electricity, but was only heated with what’s described as an unsafe space heater and “there was no indoor plumbing.”

Officers said the kids were using a “non-connected toilet with trash bags around the toilet bowl.”

Officers also said there was some food, but the refrigerator and the pantry where it was stored was secured, not accessible to the kids.

All four of the children appeared to be malnourished, deputies said.