Recently I receive an email from a gentleman in Hungary who recently read one of the “Foote Files”. Never in my mind would I have ever thought that anyone overseas would have any interest in this blog, but there was!

To make a long story short, he asked me about a 1983 interview that ABBA singer Agnetha Faltskog had on CBS News Nightwatch, the Network’s overnight news program in that day (today it is called CBS Overnight News). In watching that interview, it just reconfirmed to me what a wonderful, classy lady she was then and is today.

Born April 5, 1950 in Jonkoping, Sweden, she has loved music all of her life. She met and became engaged to Bjorn Ulvaeusin in 1969, whom she later married. Along with Frida Lyngstad and Benny Anderssen (who also became husband and wife), the two couples formed ABBA. From 1974-1982, the group charted 14 times on the American Top 40, four songs in the Top 10, and one #1 hit, “Dancing Queen” in 1977. The group was probably the most successful pop group in the world during this time.

After the group broke up in the early 1980’s, Agnetha released three solo albums from 1983-1987. Her most successful song was in 1983, “Can’t Shake Loose.” It was from her album “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”. It was her third single in Europe but her first in the U.S. It was more popular here than anywhere else except in Belgium and Canada. Written by Russ Ballard, produced by Mike Chapman, and running 4:22 on the Polydor label (album cut), the lyrics go like this:

I don’t want to stay here but I can’t leave
I’m in the spell of the magic you weave
Somebody wake me up
I wish I could break it up

But I can’t shake loose
Can’t shake loose
I can’t shake loose
Can’t shake loose
Any move I’ll make in the end I will lose

I can’t shake loose
I try and I try but it ain’t no use
I could go like I did before
But these old shoes keep walking to your door

You can hear this song on SIRIUS XM 80s On 8 with Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, and Mark Goodman.