(CBS 11) – Benny Goodman is recognized today as one of the most outstanding musicians and band leaders of the big band era of late 1930s and 1940s. Through his hard work and that of his band, he earned the title of “King Of Swing.”

American jazz musician Benny Goodman (1909 – 1986) in England for a tour of Europe, February 3, 1970. (Photo by Michael Stroud/Daily Express/Getty Images)

Today’s song is one arranged by fellow musician/bandleader Fletcher Henderson called, “Down South Camp Meeting.” The song does have lyrics but today’s clip does not have a vocal portion. Goodman and his orchestra recorded for both RCA Victor and Columbia Records, which means that there was a good chance that they would have performed concurrently on the NBC Radio Networks (Blue and/or Red) or the CBS Radio Network exclusively during the time to whatever label they were under contract.

Today recording and performance is on the RCA Victor label, recorded by Goodman and his orchestra on August 13, 1936.

You can hear this song and more Benny Goodman on SIRIUS XM 73 40s Junction.

And Benny is playing the clarinet! Enjoy!