DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Like out of a fairy tale, high school girls want to look beautiful for that special night at prom. However, sometimes the price is anything but pretty.

With the help of a heartfelt community, those girls have the opportunity to have their fairy tale evening with exquisite prom dresses.

Dresses ranging from $200 to $400 were given away to girls across the area at Central Library in Dallas on Saturday, providing families with big savings.


More importantly than making them feel beautiful, the dresses helped make the young women feel confident.

Hundreds of gowns, shoes and accessories were made available to the girls, and they were each even given a personal shopper to help them.

The event, known as Fairy Tale Closet, has been running on donations since 2014.

“One year, there were twins who were both needing a dress, and their mom was kind of frantic about what she was going to do. And they were so grateful to receive the dresses that they came back and acted as volunteers,” said Melissa Dease, communications and youth service administrator.

High school senior Daisy Devora was a little intimidated at first. But after about 20 minutes, she said she found the right dress. She encouraged other students to jump on the opportunity.

“I would rather spend money for college rather than a dress that I would only use one time,” said Devora.

Fatima Gonzalez, a junior at Booker T. Washington High School, summed up her thoughts on students being able to get a prom dress for free.

“Because of my mother, I don’t want her to buy an expensive dress when I could just get help here. And it’s very incredible that they have this option for people who aren’t rich enough to pay for their own dress,” said Gonzalez.

Individuals and organizations such as St. Luke Community United Methodist Church and Neiman Marcus donate to the cause.