DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More fallout Friday from the video of a white male bartender in Deep Ellum beating a black woman on the street.

An a attorney representing the woman and civil rights activists claim that bartender used racial slurs and demanded he be charged with a hate crime.

Civil rights activists in Deep Ellum regarding assault case (CBS 11)

Activists protested outside the bar where the bartender, Austin Shuffield worked until Thursday.

Austin Shuffield was fired from his job as a bartender at the High and Tight Barbershop and Speakeasy after his arrest for aggravated assault. (photo credit: Dallas Police Department)

 “When Mr. Sheffield presented that gun that gave the arresting officer the evidence to charge him with aggravated assault. Instead these officers they charged him with a misdemeanor and he was able to get out on a $1,500 bond. That’s problematic,” said Dominique Alexander of the Next Generation Action Network.

Civil rights groups threatened to “shut down” Deep Ellum Saturday night unless Dallas Police and the Dallas County DA enhance the charges for this assault.

They want to know why the bartender was able to hold a gun and not be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and also claimed he used a racial slur so it should be considered a hate crime.

Dallas Police officers stood nearby while a group of activists protested outside the High and Tight Barbershop and Speakeasy where Austin Shuffield worked.

Police said Shuffield displayed a handgun and beating the woman after becoming upset with the way she parked.

Shuffield has not been seen or heard from publicly since getting out of jail but has received death threats on social media as have the owner of the bar where he worked and the victim of the assault.

Her attorney released a statement saying that she has injuries that include post concussion syndrome and cranial swelling.

Activists threatened to protest and boycott Deep Ellum businesses until their concerns are addressed.

“To those in Deep Ellum, if you don’t do right by us, I say shut Deep Ellum down,” said Olinka Green of NGAN. “Don’t give him our money. Don’t give them our green money if you can’t protect our black and brown bodies.”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall told reporters Friday she had not watched the video of the assault.