ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – If you’ve been to just one Texas Rangers home game in the last 36 years, then you know his voice; but Chuck Morgan wears many more hats for the team other than public address announcer.

The long-time Rangers exec shares what’s in store ahead of this week’s Opening Day, which is also the final season for the team at Globe Life Park.

At any Rangers home game, you’re likely to hear him before you see him. The iconic voice, announcing at-bats of players, and events happening during the ballgame.

“What I love about my job is coming to work at a ballpark every day and getting to do baseball and ballpark-type things,” Morgan says.

Chuck Morgan has been doing “baseball things” since he was five years old.

“Being in the backyard with a bat and a whiffle ball, announcing players coming to the bat,” he recalls.

Morgan says his first big break came in his Little League days, when the game announcer offered up his seat so he could go on a date. Morgan jumped at the chance, and has been behind one microphone or another ever since.

For years, he worked in radio in Nashville and was also an announcer at the Grand Ole Opry.

With the Rangers since 1982, Morgan is the Executive Vice President of Ballpark Entertainment, Productions and Promotions.

“I love the fans. Being a baseball fan myself, I try to do everything I think a baseball fan would like,” he explains.

Some of his credits include inventing the dot races, and establishing the team Hall of Fame.

He’s also responsible for the fan-favorite bobbleheads, given away at many games.

“I have so much respect for the Major League Baseball player and what it takes to get to this level,” Morgan says.

Perhaps he is known best for announcing the names of players as they step up to the plate.

“Favorite name to say? Probably the one that a lot of people imitated for a long time was “Steve Buechele” and “Juan Gonzalez” and “Pudge Rodriguez,” ‘ he says with a boom.

He has had a lot of practice: Morgan worked in the PA booth for the Rangers, for 2,900 games in a row.

“The one that sticks out the most is the American League Pennant, in 2010,” Morgan says, remembering the game that landed the Rangers in the World Series.

This season brings an end to some traditions and a transition to something new.

The Texas Rangers move next door to Globe Life Field after the 2019 season. The new ballpark is under construction now.

“You start picking up home plate and moving it… there will be some different type of feelings on Opening Day,” Morgan says.

He says Thursday will be a special Opening Day. Given Chuck Morgan’s passion for baseball and dedication to the team, he’s already batting a thousand.

“Trying to make sure everybody has a good time at the ballpark, and trying to appeal to all ages and make everybody happy… that’s a challenge but it’s a fun challenge,” Morgan says.

The Rangers take on the Chicago Cubs in the home opener at 3:05 p.m., this Thursday at Globe Life Park.