FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Five-star reviews and a public meeting place weren’t enough to stop a robbery that started using a popular private sales app.

A Fort Worth man says he was beat up by a potential buyer and was then hit by a car when he tried to escape his attacker.

The 27-year-old victim named Marcus, who asked CBS 11 not to use his last name, had posted an old Ducati motorcycle seat on OfferUp. A man who responded with interest this week had five-star reviews on the site, Marcus said.

He chose to meet with the interested buyer outside a bank in the 1000 block of East Berry Street Thursday night because he knew it had cameras and believed it would be a safe spot.

Almost immediately after meeting though, he said the man threw a punch, hitting him above his right eye. The punch caught him so off-guard, he said he dropped everything and just started running.

“All I could see was the Mexican restaurant (across the street),” he said. “It was open, it was lit up. Let me run towards it. Unfortunately, look at the street… and I’m not exactly Frogger.”

A car going westbound hit him almost immediately.

Paramedics and police came to the scene and took him to the hospital, where they braced what he told us is a broken arm.

He said he was able to give police a license plate number, and the OfferUp profile of the man he met.

And for his next sale, he plans to find a place with more than just cameras as a deterrent.

“A business, with a security guard, and plenty of people, right out in front,” he said.