SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Department of Agriculture confirms a credit card skimmer was placed on a fuel pump at Scooter’s Superstore at 2150 E. Highway 114 in Southlake.

The Department received a complaint last week.  DPS Troopers investigated and removed it from pump #3.

Credit card skimmer found in Southlake (Texas Dept. of Agriculture)

North Texas Law Enforcement Face Challenges In Catching Credit Card Skimmers

If paying at the pump with a credit card, the Texas Department of Agriculture offers tips might help you avoid becoming a victim of a gas pump skimmer:

• Use pump closest to storefront, in line of sight for store personnel

• Before pumping, check for unusual bluetooth signals with ID of string of numbers and letters; might be a skimmer

• Check that security tape on pump cabinet has not been damaged. Torn tape might indicate cabinet opened without store personnel’s knowlege

• Safest bet is to pay inside with cash

• Always save the receipt and monitor your bank statements after filling up.

• If you think you’ve been skimmed, contact 1-800-TELL-TDA and we will send an inspector to check it out.

Credit card skimmer found in Southlake (Texas Dept. of Agriculture)