By Brooke Rogers | CBS 11 News

DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Preston Hollow woman saw something suspicious in her neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. But instead of stopping a crime, she became the victim of one instead.

The woman, whose identity CBS 11 News is concealing, was en route to afternoon carpool, her young daughter in the car with her.

“I noticed a sedan making an erratic u-turn in an intersection. Right behind it a pickup truck followed suit doing the same,” she says.

One of the cars even ran over someone’s front lawn.

“I tried to get my phone out and take a picture over my steering wheel so I could send it to the police, neighborhood patrol,” she says. “The sedan that had been leading made another u-turn and came to chase me down.”

The silver Hyundai chased her for several blocks, and she ended up boxed in at a stop sign next to Preston Hollow Park. The driver pulled up next to her.

“I just started screaming and laying on the horn,” she says. “The passenger was hanging out the passenger window, yelling, pointing a weapon at me.”

Before they sped off, they threw a large object at her car, hitting just inches below the window where her daughter was.

“I was terrified. I was in fear for our lives at that moment,” she says. “What really got me… makes me really sad now, is just how young he was.”

She says she wants to do her part to combat crime, but not at the expense of her family.

“It’s terrifying that something could have happened to us. I feel like I put her life in danger trying to keep our neighborhood safe.”

Police told her they are adding extra patrols to the area. They tell CBS 11 News they are investigating this as an aggravated assault.