By Ken Molestina

MANSFIELD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – It wasn’t the way a young cardiologist and a pastor would have liked to meet for the first time, but both say they are glad it happened the way it did.

Dr. Curtiss Moore, a cardiologist from Mansfield Methodist Medical Center attended services at Crossroads Christian Church two Sunday’s ago.

It was his first time there.

Several days later he would be called on to save Pastor Barry Cameron’s life, the same preacher whose sermon he had listened to.

Pastor Cameron had been in the Bahamas for a pastors conference when he began feeling ill.

When he got home, his primary care doctor urged him to to go the emergency room at Methodist Mansfield.

Once there, the staff noticed he was experiencing heart failure.

It was there in the ER that Dr. Moore and Pastor Cameron would first meet.

Pastor Barry Cameron (L) and Dr. Curtiss Moore (R) (CBS 11)

“When I walked in the door low and behold it’s the young man that I had seen a couple days ago,” said Dr. Moore.

Pastor Cameron added, “He said, ‘I was just at your church Sunday,’ and I said, ‘Really’?”

Dr. Moore would go on to install a pacemaker in the pastor’s heart.

Dr. Moore, who is the son of a preacher in Indiana, told his dad about Pastor Cameron, and to his surprise Pastor Cameron was someone his father was well familiar with because of his work at Crossroads.

The two say while many may consider this encounter a big coincidence, they believe it was more than that.

“After speaking with my dad and finally making that connection it seems like maybe it was a higher calling,” said Dr. Moore.

“When he said I was at your church Sunday that was like god was saying, ‘I got this,’ and that was a confirmation to me,” said Pastor Cameron.