MANSFIELD (CBSDFW.COM)A troubling end to the school year in Mansfield.  A student at Worley Middle School is hospitalized after being stabbed by a fellow student with scissors.  According to a statement from MISD officials, the “altercation” happened in the cafeteria on Monday during dismissal.

“It’s terrifying to come pick my kids up from school and feel like I should be sending them to school in armor or something,” said parent Briana Griffith, who has two boys at the school, “it’s really sad.”

Citing privacy laws, Mansfield district officials declined to provide names, condition of the injured student or further details.  The accused has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is no longer on the campus.

A letter went home to parents on Tuesday, with standard language intended to reassure:  the district “takes such incidents seriously” and that the “safety and security” of students remain a priority.

However, when information is scarce, social media fueled rumors often fill in the gaps.

“I heard about it on a Facebook group,” admits Griffith.  “I heard there was a fight. I heard someone got slapped, I heard somebody was insulting somebody,” her voice trailing and she considered the vast amount of theories circulating online.

Mariah Fernandez says her younger brother at the school told her.

“He just said someone got stabbed at my school in the hallway,” shared Fernandez while waiting to pick him up from school.  “And I’m like, `that’s a little crazy’. I wouldn’t think that kind of stuff happened in middle school, really.”

“I just want to make sure that the teachers and staff here are proactive in making sure things like this don’t happen in the school,” added Griffith who says her daughter will join her brothers at the middle school next year.