By Erin Jones | CBS 11 News

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – AEDs, a type of defibrillator, save lives, but do you know where they are at all times in case trouble hits?

One Plano couple, who said an AED kept their family together, is working to make it easy for people. They launched a petition on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Automated External Defibrillator(AED) (credit: Getty Images)

“I knew within two weeks she was the one and have not looked back ever since,” Greg Coon said. “Today is our 25th anniversary and we have an incredible reason to celebrate.”

“On October 11th, 2018 I went into cardiac arrest at Plano Senior High School,” Julie Coon said.

Julie, who was volunteering at the school at the time, said she’s here today because students and staff did everything right.

They called 911, started CPR and grabbed an AED, using it to shock her heart back into its normal rhythm.

“It’s because of the people who took action and it’s because of the AED that my kids have a mom and I’m not a widower,” Greg said.

In the weeks following, Greg realized something.

“I’m sitting at my desk and I have no idea where the closest AED is,” he said. “I look at my phone and think why is it that I can say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Hey Siri where is the closest Starbucks,’ but I can’t do that with an AED? I went to and I started a petition. I should be able to say where is the closest AED and it tells me 50 feet this way or 100 yards that way. Why is that not something we can easily access?”

The petition requests AED locations become a searchable item on Google or Apple Maps.

“This has the potential to save not just hundreds, but thousands of lives,” Greg said. “Over time, tens of thousands if we can get this implemented.”

“He launched it in honor of me for our 25th anniversary and he said the best gift that anyone can give us would be to sign the petition and help spread the word,” Julie said.

In 25 years, the Coons have made a lot of memories and they’re thankful they have the ability to make many more.

“We have traveled the world together,” Julie said.

“Exploring more of the world we haven’t seen yet,” Greg said. “That will be a great opportunity and coming full circle… thanks to an AED — we can do that!”

So far, more than 300 people have signed their petition.

The couple hopes it will catch the eye of the big tech companies like Google and Apple.