FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees voted 8-0 Tuesday night to terminate the contract of teacher Georgia Clark.

Georgia Clark (courtesy: Fort Worth ISD)

FWISD tweeted, Board has voted to terminate contract of teacher Georgia Clark for good cause. Motion made by Trustee Paz. Second by Norman Robbins. Motion passes 8.”

Clark was let go after posting a string of illegal immigration comments to President Donald Trump from a now-deleted Twitter account.

One of the tweets said, “Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico.  Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them.  Drug dealers are on our campus and nothing was done to them.”

FWISD teacher Georgia Clark tweet

Clark has the right to appeal to Texas Education Agency Commissioner within the next 15 days.

Fort Worth ISD said Clark admitted to posting on Twitter, “FW ISD is loaded with illegal students from Mexico. Carter-Riverside HS has been taken over by them” & “I really do need a contact here in FW who should be actively investigating & removing illegals that are in the public school system.”

In a message to parents last week, FWISD Superintendent Kent Scribner said, “There has been much talk in the news and on the Internet about the use of social media by our staff. Our mission is to prepare ALL students for success in college, career and community leadership. Let me reiterate our commitment that every child in the District is welcome and is to be treated with dignity and respect.”

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  1. Anthony Benedetti says:

    ilegals get free school. when i went to college i had to work 3 jobs to pay for it. tell th3em to learn english and get a job. if not send them the hell back from where they came.

    1. Murray Greschler says:

      Anthony, Justin, & Dee: Let me guess…Georgia Clark was your English teacher. I’m sure she is very proud.

    2. I’m pretty sure that public education is free to students regardless of their legal status. Second, college tuition is usually the student’s responsibility, so you equating directly paying college tuition to minors not even directly paying for free education is comical. Finally, since I don’t like your comment: it’s amazing that you demand people to learn to speak an entire language when your college education has failed to help you produce a sentence without as many errors and typos and you did now. Pendejo.

      1. Benjamine Dover says:


  2. Robert Ramos says:

    What a piece of trash. Her license should’ve been removed. This will be more “Passing the trash”.

  3. Justin Mitcham says:

    She is 100% right about not doing anything about drug dealers, mexican gangs, child on child violence, overcrowding, on campus sexual assaults all covered up..I have to pay some of the highest school taxes in the USA ..many of them dont pay a dime since they are paid under the table, many share and forge shot records, in fact we know several students who attend our school in Tarrant county that dont live in the district.

  4. Dee Hol says:

    she don’t deserve to teach ..good riddance

  5. I watched it 3 times and I saw no sign of racism at all. She was just saying THE TRUTH!!!!

  6. Deborah Narvaiz says:

    What she is saying is not false. So tell the truth, get fired?

  7. Shane Behling says:

    Only in a Leftist Loon school do you get fired fro telling the truth! You clowns better lawyer up:)))

  8. Bill Carmichael says:

    Notice that all the liberals in the above comments want to eliminate free speech and due process of law. Notice that all of the liberals in the above comments believe in socialism and think the illegal aliens should have a free education on our dime. Notice that the liberals in the above comments have no concept of self-reliance. Notice how the liberals in the above comments all resort to ad-hominem arguments. This is what we are up against; ignorance of the law, ignorance of the constitution, and ignorance of the historical failure of socialism everywhere it has been instituted. Notice the lack of compassion in the comments of the liberals in the above posts.

    Lets see, we have Democrat / Socialist / Activists in the Northern Triangle of South America & Mexico; even as you read this instructing the populations the “benefits” & laws of coming to the USA and to make sure you bring your children and use the the magic words…..”credible fear.”

    Then you have a Democrat House saying the crisis is “manufactured” as literally thousands attack our border daily? National Sovereignty is a myth to Democrats. The crisis is manufactured…by the Democrats themselves. Make no mistake about this, Democrats want this to happen and never stop.. They will with hold border security support allowing as many illegal aliens to enter the country as possible overwhelming our BP & ICE before assisting in border security (if ever).

    To Democrats/Progressives/Socialists (whats the difference?) programs like Temporary Protective Status (TPS) or Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals (DACA) or the “visa lottery” program (Chuck Schumer’s idea) are permanent programs. There is nothing “temporary or deferred” about these programs to Democrats. These programs are designed to admit refugees (usually from the third world) then Democrats fight to keep them here permanently using the charge of racism, religion, guilt, against anyone opposed. Simple formula works great.

    The current migration at our border is costing taxpayers a Kings ransom. Fleeing persecution? or fleeing for freebies? they sure don’t stay in Mexico when they reach “safety” or ask or offered political asylum in Mexico. Why? because Mexico will give them NOTHING. So they make the long journey to our border, our generous Democrats, and our tax dollars. Notice how many have made the long, difficult, dangerous journey to our country 8-9 months pregnant?

    Just a few examples of the more outrageous costs associated with illegal immigration, we will pass this burden on to our children & grand children as has been passed on to us.

    * City emergency services Taxpayer pay for every police, fire, paramedic service call for illegal aliens in their city. Taxpayers also pay for all hospital, emergency room treatments, ambulances, medications….everything. Hospital wait times for citizens are negatively impacted.

    *Cost of educating illegal aliens is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers on average $122,000 for EACH illegal alien student. This does not include the millions spent on bilingual ED, instructors, special need children & day care. It is estimated nearly 100,000 illegal aliens graduate each year……you do the math. School class size are also negatively impacted by illegal aliens and our students suffer as a result.

    *Taxpayers in some states are funding “in state college tuition” discounts for illegal aliens. (AZ voted to terminate this taxpayer expense.) Cost to taxpayers over a billion dollars annually.

    *About one in five inmates in federal prison are foreign-born, & more than 90% of those are in the U.S illegally. This does not include local jails and state prisons. At roughly $24,000 per year expense per inmate.

    *$3Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate, process Illegal aliens in the criminal justice system.

    *$2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on is spent on food assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC, & taxpayer funded school lunches.

    *Mexico received 33 billion last year in remittance from our country. $120 billion total was sent out of the United States in total remittance last year.

    *Every child birth by illegal aliens in the U.S is paid for with tax dollars.In the US, the average cost to have a baby without complications during delivery, is $10,808, which can increase to $30,000 when factoring in care provided before and after pregnancy (July 9, 2018 google.)

    * Section 8 housing. Illegal aliens take full advantage of this program. Citizens & their families in poverty in many cases wait years behind non citizens for emergency housing.

  10. Knee jerk reaction to avoid upsetting the minority population, irrespective is that she speaks the truth. Liberals don’t want to hear the truth, they want to exist in their non-existent racial utopia.
    Good luck with that.

  11. Brent Busch says:

    Was she wrong? I doubt it!

  12. Laura Martin says:

    I’m disturbed by how many people online and in the comments here want to target CHILDREN with their racism. Jesus Christ.

    1. Tasha Hanna says:

      Now imagine how many have access to children. Now think about all the children currently caged and it starts to get very clear doesn’t it? These are some sick people.

  13. Harry Ruebinawitz says:

    Truth is the new Hate speech. Kill the messenger. School board members like all public officials take an oath to protect and defend America’s Constitution and that of their state. School boards are to serve their community not foreign nationals. The HUUUGGGGEEEE problem is the school get funded by the state per pupil/day… the more the merrier.. of course the quality of instruction is irrelevant. “Stack ’em Deep and Teach ’em Cheap.

  14. “Socialism” is the government control over the means of manufacturing and production. “Social Programs” are things like Fire/Police, education, roads, libraries. I realize they both start with the same 6 letters and that confuses a lot of you, but if you’re going to use the word you should really know it’s definition because they are very different things. One could argue that corporate hand-outs are far more socialist than food stamps.

  15. The Supreme Court, in Pickering v. Board of Eduation stated:

    “In sum, we hold that, in a case such as this, absent proof of false statements knowingly or recklessly made by him, 6 a teacher’s exercise of his right to speak on issues of public importance may not furnish the basis for his dismissal from public employment. Since no [391 U.S. 563, 575] such showing has been made in this case regarding appellant’s letter, see Appendix, infra, his dismissal for writing it cannot be upheld and the judgment of the Illinois Supreme Court must, accordingly, be reversed and the case remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with this opinion.”

    So, the school board has pretty much violate Supreme Court precedence and opened itself up to a lawsuit.

  16. Eric Edward says:

    Why does this so-called “news” website refer to a short statements of facts as a “rant”?

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