DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas County jury watched video of Brenda Delgado being questioned by police two days after the murder of Kendra Hatcher.

It’s part of the evidence against Delgado who is accused of masterminding the murder to eliminating the woman who was dating her ex-boyfriend.

Brenda Delgado interrogation in murder of Kendra Hatcher (Dallas Police Dept.)

The video offers a rare glimpse inside a police interrogation room where the defendant casually chats with detectives and insists she was studying and at a restaurant the night Hatcher was murdered.

Delgado was not arrested at that time after convincing detectives she had an alibi.

She was arrested months later in Mexico after police came to the conclusion Delgado hired two people to commit the murder.

Brenda Delgado on trial (CBS 11)

Prosecutors also introduced security camera video which they say shows Kristopher Love walking up to Kendra Hatcher’s car and shooting her before driving away with Crystal Cortes.

The pair, prosecutors say, were paid by Delgado.

The jury also say the handgun that was used to kill Hatcher.

Prosecutors also showed the jury a short, shaky video found on Delgado’s phone.

They believe it’s the murder defendants voice talking about buying a silencer for a 40 caliber handgun.

It was about the only evidence found on Delgado’s phone which an officer testified had its data erased.

“Based on all the cell phone extractions that I’ve done, I was highly shocked when I saw what her phone looked like,” said Dallas Police Detective Michael Freeman.

Dr. Kendra Hatcher (photo courtesy: Facebook)

The state is expected to rest its case soon.

Delgado faces an automatic life sentence if convicted.


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