DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The manager of a Dallas gay bar is out of a job after refusing to serve a transgender woman and forcing her to leave.

JR’s Bar & Grill on Cedar Springs fired the manager Thursday night after someone shared a social media post detailing what happened.

In a statement, JR’s apologized and said the actions by that manager are against their beliefs and values and said they are against discrimination of any kind.

Here is the bar’s full statement:

Early this morning, we were notified of an incident that occurred at JR’s Bar & Grill last night involving a staff member and several of our patrons. While our employees take every measure to ensure the safety of both staff and patrons, any actions that are deemed contra to our beliefs and values as a company will not be tolerated.

After reviewing the situation and gathering statements from the parties involved, the company has chosen to terminate the employee in question effective immediately.

We are against discrimination of any kind, and work diligently with all employees to ensure that our bar is a welcoming space for everyone to celebrate. We respect and value people from all communities and will continue to advocate for diversity and inclusivity.

JR’s Bar and Grill (CBS 11)



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  1. Paula Reading says:

    As President of the Transgender Veterans Support Group (TVSG) International and Texas Chapters with over 3,200 members and 24 chapters, a patron of JR’s Bar and Grill for many years and a Transwoman, I find this VERY odd for JR’s and can testify that JR’s has ALWAYS treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. I can also testify that I have NEVER received any complains from our TVSG Members that has patronized JR’s over the years. I commend JR’s Management for firing the night manager that caused this disturbance and refused to serve a member of the Transgender Community. Our link is; https://www.facebook.com/groups/588919517862199/?ref=group_header

  2. Judd Campbell says:

    This is so horrible. She was underage with multiple IDs from different states. That’s it… This is going after someone with many transgender friends. Get your facts right people this is horrible.

    1. Jeremy Ma says:

      Judd Campbell: proof?

  3. Rusty Shields says:

    You guys might want to add the part about how she was using (and had used in the past several times) a fake ID. They recognized her from running this scam before which is how they knew what she was up to. She broke the law and was a liability to the bar. THEY followed the law and did their jobs. She did this to herself. This isn’t about discrimination or trans people. . .this is about an individual with a fake ID that got caught and called out and asked to leave. . .and then kept trying to get back in. Video evidence of the event shows her fake “Ohio ID” and then she even said she had moved to NY. . . .which is further reason for her to not have an Ohio ID. All you have to do is compare the ID in the video with ACTUAL Ohio ID’s to see it is fake. . . .but for some reason nobody wants to look into it. She is a fake and a fraud and nothing but trouble.

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