HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — A Jewish death row inmate who was part of the “Texas 7” gang of escaped prisoners has filed an appeal claiming the former county judge who convicted him was anti-Semitic and frequently used racial slurs.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Randy Halprin alleges in his federal appeal that ex-Dallas County Judge Vickers Cunningham referred to him with anti-Semitic language.

District judge Vickers Cunningham (courtesy: CBS 11 News)

Halprin argues that Cunningham should’ve recused himself.

Halprin was among the inmates who escaped from a South Texas prison in 2000 and committed numerous robberies, including one in which a suburban Dallas police officer was fatally shot.

Cunningham didn’t respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

Cunningham faced allegations of bigotry last year after telling CBS 11 News he had established a living trust that rewarded his children for marrying straight, white and Christian.

  1. Sloba Haterb says:

    typical zio slimery. I hope this guy gets executed twice.

    To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Netanyahu says this jerk is the greatest mind of this generation.


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