By Erin Jones | CBS 11 News

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Around 15,000 Oncor customers still remain without power after Sunday’s powerful storms blew through the metroplex. One of the most affected areas is north Dallas.

The storms uprooted trees on Woodshore Drive and tore down power lines.

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“It’s sad,” Michael Eby said. “It’s just complete devastation. I mean there’s thousands of trees down.”

Eby is now on his fourth day without power or gas.

“When the pine tree came down it landed on the gas meter,” he said. “This tree didn’t make it and came down over the fence.”

The tree hit power lines and damaged his weatherhead, which protects electrical wiring. ElectricMan electrician Marciano Gonzales was busy making repairs to it Wednesday.

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“You need to go back and rebuild it and put up a new meter,” Gonzales said.

Since Sunday, Gonzales has made around the clock repairs in older neighborhoods like Eby’s where the weatherheads are above ground instead of under.

“This is by far the worst I have seen in Dallas,” Gonzales said.

He said this type of work has to be done before crews can restore power. It’s a big reason why some homeowners have been in the dark for days.

The work in Eby’s neighborhood won’t be done any time soon, but neighbors are coming together to help each other.

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“As a result of this happening now I know every neighbor around me,” he said. “We’ve all joined together. We’re all just helping out.”