DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Nearly a week has passed since a severe storm caused a crane to topple on a Dallas apartment complex, leaving one dead, but there is no date set on its removal.

The operator of the fallen crane, Bigge Crane Company, has yet to determine when they’ll complete the removal process.

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(Credit: Chopper 11)

Residents of the Elan City Lights apartment complex have been told the earliest they can collect their belongings will be July 15. Most were initially given 10 to 15 minutes to grab their essential items.

Elan City Lights renter David Mendoza said he salvaged what he could but still lost his home and his new truck.

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“There’s the truck difference from my loan to what they had paid off,” Mendoza said. “Then I had to put a couple thousand down on a new one. Just in one week, I’m out five or six grand.”

Kiersten Smith, 29, was killed in Sunday’s accident. Five others were injured.

Among those injured was a neighbor Mendoza helped pull out of the garage.

“I glanced over to the right and saw the individual in his car and, in that moment it’s like, ok.. you need to do something,” he said. “That’s the blessing. We get to see another day. Material things can be replaced, but it is frustrating.”

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Officials state that planning on how to remove the crane will continue.