DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Wesley Mathews said he detests himself for not being honest with responding officers when he reported his adopted 3-year-old daughter, Sherin Mathews missing in October 2017.

Mathews attempted to offer an explanation from the witness stand Tuesday afternoon as to why he misled officers.

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He originally said she disappeared in the middle of the night.  Then said she choked to death while drinking milk.

But ultimately her body was found in a bag in a culvert.

He said when she died, he tried to bring her back.

“I tried to gently shake Sherin so she would be out of that spell but nothing was working and in a matter — pretty soon her head started going different directions and her head came to a still,” Mathews said. “I truly am sorry. I don’t have words to express how sorry I am to these fine officers, these fine people who were full of love and concern for my baby Sherin and they devoted a lot of time and effort and I could have easily stopped that.”

Wesley Mathews testifies in the punishment phase of his trial on injury to a child that resulted in his daughter’s death (CBS 11)

Mathews was more emotional on the witness stand Tuesday than he was during police interrogations right after Sherin’s death where he came across as causal and disaffected by what happened.

He told police during recorded interrogations shown to the jury that he and his wife were upset about the child’s frail health.

Mathews testified that health experts told him his daughter needed milk to grow and he was fearful that doctors would contact CPS if Sherin’s health didn’t improve.

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He addressed the lies he told police that Sherin had vanished after being left outside and attempted to explain why he didn’t try to save her life if she was choking and finally why he tried to dispose of her body in such a cruel way.

“I keep going over and over again back to that night and I keep asking myself ‘why was I being driven by fear?’ “f I had applied common sense if I had just applied commonsense then most likely my child would be with me,” he said.

The question for the jury will be do they believe Mathews when he says his daughter choked to death because her body was too decomposed to determine.

The defense is expected to rest after Mathews is cross examined.

A Dallas County jury will soon decide whether Mathews gets probation or jail time up to life in prison.

The prosecution will get a chance to cross examine Wesley Mathews in the morning and will be eager to do so based on the admitted lies the defendant has told since his daughter died.


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