JOHNSON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A missing person investigation in Johnson County has ended with the revelation that a 57-year-old man was completely eaten by his dogs.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a trailer-home near Venus, Texas on May 6 to perform a welfare check. Once there relatives told officials a reclusive family member, Freddie Mack, hadn’t been seen or heard from since April 19.

(credit: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office)

When the family went to check on the man they couldn’t get close because of 18 aggressive dogs on the property. Deputies were able to distract the animals and search a small section of the property, but didn’t find Mack.

A report was filed and in an attempt to again make contact with Mack detectives returned to the property on May 9. The aggressiveness of the dogs on the property again prevented officials from getting inside the home, so they flew a drone over to try and find any signs of Mack — to no avail. One day later sheriff’s officially listed Freddie Mack as a missing person.

As the search for Mack continued family and neighbor Michael Sergeant said spoke about how unusual it was for Mack to leave his dogs unattended.

“His dogs were always by his side,” said Sergeant.

(credit: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office)

Sheriff’s say it was on May 15, during another search of the property, when a detective noticed a small piece of bone on the ground. Two days later detectives executed a search warrant and located the piece of bone and several other bone fragments. The items were gathered and sent to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Still needing to perform a thorough search of the property, sixteen dogs were seized on May 19. One day later deputies, detectives and members of the Tarrant and Johnson County Medical Examiner’s Offices performed a detailed search.

This time items including strips of cloth, animal feces containing bone fragments, suspected human hair, and fabric were collected. Investigators learned Mack “was known to wear a single set of clothing and did not own any other sets.”

(credit: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office)

Officials began to suspect the dogs had eaten Mack when they found bits of clothing described by relatives in the animal feces collected. To confirm their suspicions the bones were sent to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification.

“During the course of our investigation it was found that Freddie suffered from serious medical conditions so we will never know if the dogs killed Mr. Mack or consumed him after he died from a medical condition,” said Sheriff Adam King. “Either way, it is a very gruesome event and we extend our sympathy to Freddy Mack’s family.”

Because the dogs were still very aggressive, and it was believed they’d killed their owner, they were put down.

On July 9 two pieces of bone found on the property were confirmed to be human by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office and a familial DNA match positively identified the remains as those of Freddie Mack.

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  1. Jack Inmanz says:

    So this guy had a bunch of viscous, aggressive dogs. Everything seems in place to me.

      1. Eric George says:

        Good one! 🙂

    1. Terry Harbes says:

      No, just hungry. Don’t eat for a few weeks and you would be right there with them.

      1. Luis Martinez says:

        Nothing unusual. Was a deputy sheriff in AZ, lots of these old coots who chose to live and die alone. It gets nasty!!!

  2. Julie Pennington says:


  3. Jimmy Smuldour says:

    lol thanks for the laugh

  4. burnet1187 says:

    doggone!!! What a story!!

  5. This is one of those incidents that never should have happened. If relatives had been more vigilant, more caring and more responsible it probably wouldn’t have happened. Clearly, this man was not mentally aware enough to even have that many dogs and should have been brought to the attention of the county.. Just a very unnecessary thing to have happened..

    1. Bridgette Johnson says:

      I don’t agree with you at all and I think this is a very unhealthy way of looking at this. What if this man’s family is reading this and you just put the blame on them??? They obvious cared about him and they were obviously worried about him. It was only 17 days and they called the Police… on someone who wants to be “reclusive”??? I have family members I haven’t see or heard from in MONTHS. I have 12 brothers and sisters and we have 2 brothers who only call or show up once a year at Christmas. That is their choice. This man obviously could live by himself and did not want to be around people. At that point you have to step back- and though it is very sad. This is like people blaming the parents when their child dies of heroin, insinuating that if they loved them more they would never have done heroin. You can only do so much and in the end the other person has to make a choice. He made his choice. He wanted to be alone.

  6. jccampi says:


  7. I bet they were Shih Tzus. They are small but vicious.

  8. Pete Dosado says:

    Another story of a man and his beloved dogs! But remember to keep feeding them!

    1. Gary Rambo says:

      Oh he fed them, alright …

  9. Jim Dunn says:

    “If relatives had been more vigilant, more caring and more responsible it probably wouldn’t have happened.”

    Sandra, you are assuming this man wanted contact with his family. Many do not. Sad but true.

  10. It’s nice to know that even after we die we can continue to ensure our dogs have enough to eat.

  11. If I were to die in my home… and all my little poodles and pugs had to eat was me after a few days of severe hunger…. it would be a honor to be able to give them a meal, of my own body, if they were starving. Yeah, I love them that much. I would die for them. But, I prefer to live for them.

    1. Leroy Jenkins says:

      You are severely mentally ill. Then again, the majority of dog owners are.

  12. George Thomas says:

    We live in such a ridiculously dysfunctional society that it took over two weeks for anybody to bother checking on this guy,

  13. Tracy Blair says:

    Maybe Nick Lowe will write a song about this?

  14. Stone Hendge says:

    Thanks clearly Trump’s fault. The media just hasn’t figured out why yet.

    1. JP Lage says:

      Does anyone know what breed most of the dogs were

    2. JP Lage says:

      The big dogs would have ate the little ones before they attack owner, he was clearly dead, the smell triggered them to eat, as Justin Wilson used to say “I Gaurentee”!

  15. John Larson says:

    so THAT’S what happened to Mack!

  16. Marty Petersen says:

    So much wrong here. The guy probably died awhile back and the dogs ate him because that was all there was to eat. Leave it to law enforcement to euthanize the dogs because they assume the dogs killed the owner. Too many Barney Fife’s out there in law enforcement.

  17. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure resembling Sansa Stark was seen leaving the property with the slightest hint of a grin….

  18. Jody Robert Ford says:

    This is just like story of old cat ladies who die and are then eaten by their hungry pack of cats locked in the apartment with her corps.

  19. Barry Boyd says:

    ——–Thanks clearly Trump’s fault. The media just hasn’t figured out why yet.

    I thought that Bush was still to blame for everything bad in the world,

  20. john L says:

    At the top of the story is an ad for Papa Johns pizza. Not wisely thought out.

  21. Now it’s time to investigate the disappearance of his wife, Sally May.

  22. Probably the man died and his dogs began starving, so they ate his remains. If I were their owner and looking on from somewhere, I’d be pleased. Better to feed my beloved dogs than be scattered as ashes in the woods somewhere.

  23. Joshua Fry says:

    He was delicious, regards, fido the texan dog

    1. Joshua Fry says:

      Us texans are tasty

  24. Hopefully they buried the dogs and didn’t render them for food….right?

  25. Victoria Locke says:

    Why can’t “they” come up with more plausible cover stories because so many of us are waking up to this contrived, manufactured DUNG?

  26. So these reporters come up with a sentence like, “Still needing to perform a thorough search of the property, sixteen dogs were seized on May 19” and expect to be taken seriously.

    So clueless. I guess that they figure that construction makes them sound smart. They sure use it a lot.

  27. David Coker says:

    I pray the family members find comfort in the LORD.

  28. chefjimmie1 says:

    Something was clearly out of place with this man. One set of clothes? The most remote Amazon tribes in the rainforest have more than one set of manufactured clothes in this age. The man didn’t look well from the picture and looked more like 77 instead of 57 years old. Not much to go on to figure out the particulars of this strange story but how they just euthanized all the dogs except three was entirely wrong.

  29. Dennis Taylor says:

    What does this mean??
    “As the search for Mack continued family and neighbor Michael Sergeant said spoke about how unusual it was for Mack to leave his dogs unattended.”

  30. Rick Fischer says:

    Why was the dogs’ breed not mentioned? Only dogs with powerful jaws can consume large bones, making it likely the breed was Pit Bull, but why not include that in the story? Some kind of PC rule, like never mentioning who is doing all those violent Flash Mobs?

  31. Joey Smith says:

    Come on, man. This article thinks we are stupid enough to believe his dogs attacked and killed him. The guy died, the dogs got hungry, and they ate the dead meat. It is happening much more frequently these days with so many older people living along with dogs. The often get found by companies who send someone out for unpaid bills.

    Here is one of the gems from the article. “Officials began to suspect the dogs had eaten Mack when they found bits of clothing described by relatives in the animal feces collected.” No, the officials suspected the dogs ate him long before that. Give me a break.

  32. Warrior of GOD says:

    The dogs found out he was a Liberal Socialist Communist Democrat, so they ate him…

  33. and his dad once told him he wouldn’t amount to shi*……. how wrong his dad was.