NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Brisket is seen as a staple when it comes to good Texas BBQ feasts. But brisket lovers could now be spending more for their beloved cut of meat.

The United States Department of Agriculture says the price of brisket is going up.

Economists believe the increase in brisket prices comes from the rise of its popularity, due to easier access and new technologies to cook the meat.

brisket (CBS 11)

The increase in prices is affecting not only those who smoke brisket at home, but restaurants like Derek Allan’s Texas BBQ in Fort Worth.

“A lot of people don’t understand the premium price BBQ places pay for beef,” Allan said.

Researchers with Texas A&M University say brisket prices have reached an all-time high — up roughly 19% from last year.

A&M expert in meat science, Dr. Jeff Savell, says while cattle producers will benefit from the price increase, it will be hard to keep costs down for consumers.

“The interest in Texas BBQ is really amazing these days,” said Savell in a video released by Texas A&M.

Even with the rise of brisket prices, customers believe it will take more than a price hike for Texans to turn away the meat.

“Brisket is one of those things everyone enjoys,” said customer Gregg Geesa. “It melts in your mouth. You’re gonna trade that for bologna?”

Keeping up with the demand and popularity of brisket will require a large amount of the product. A&M researchers say while they’ve seen some of the largest cow herd since 2009, the rate of growth is slowing down.