DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Starting tonight, police be will cracking down on teenagers who are out late in the Deep Ellum area in an effort to reduce crime.

Police say anyone 16 years old and younger must be home by midnight during the weekend or there will be consequences.

According to police, they will first hand out warnings before ultimately writing tickets for those who break the curfew.

“There’s really not anything for them down here, especially after the juvenile curfew hours,” Deputy Police Chief Thomas Castro said. “Number one, it’s against the law.”

Police say the curfew crackdown is an effort to combat concerns of rising crime in the popular entertainment district in Dallas.

Castros says they will hand out warnings first because the goal of the ordinance isn’t to write tickets. Police say they want to keep North Texas teenagers safe during the late-night hours.

Dallas police will also partner with DART police if large crowds of teenagers are spotted on the platforms near curfew and appear to be headed to Deep Ellum.