DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — It’s been weeks since a late spring storm toppled thousands of trees in Dallas, but homeowners in one neighborhood say the debris hasn’t budged — and it’s become a health hazard.

The June storms were quick, intense and destructive.

Resident Sam Hunsaker remembers it all.

“We looked outside and everything was going crazy,” Hunsaker said.

Homeowner Kelley Jump said she has repeatedly called 311 asking and waiting for downed and browning tree limbs to be removed.

“Pretty much every street I drive into in the neighborhood, I see piles of debris waiting to get picked up,” Jump said. “The fact that I can’t walk my dogs without going into the street… It is a hazard for everybody. It’s very frustrating.”

She said some neighbors have taken to social media to complain — but she’d rather see some action from the city.

“I just hope the city takes responsibility for it. The latest information that I saw, they said that our spot was ‘picked up,'” Jump said. “That’s obviously not the case because there’s plenty of debris left to be picked up, so they should probably do a second round and just double check everything.”