SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Four people with multiple replica assault rifles, fake bulletproof vests and bags of sugar meant to look like narcotics mistakenly showed up at the wrong house in Southlake to film a rap video, officials said. This led a resident to call authorities on the four males.

Southlake DPS said officers responded to the house at around 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Ten Bar court area. The caller said the four people were taking photos outside of the home with the replica weapons.

Officials said the four males complied with responding officers and were detained as the officers investigated the scene. This is when they found the replica weapons and other fake items.

(Credit: Southlake DPS/Twitter)

According to Southlake DPS, the four males were there to film a rap video, but it turned out they were out the wrong house on the wrong street.

They were later released and no charges were filed.

“Take a good look at how realistic these weapons are. If your children or any of you have weapons like this, understand the type of response that will elicit from law enforcement. Be smart,” Southlake DPS said in a tweet.