FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – People driving in the 800 block of Weatherford Street just east of downtown Fort Worth, are noticing an unusual billboard.

It shows a man going by “Eric B.” with the words, “I suck at Fantasy Football. Last place LOSER 2018.”

It also asks people to send their advice to Eric B. via the number posted on the billboard.

Fantasy Football loser billboard (Ken Molestina – CBS 11)

CBS 11 talked with the man on the sign who says this was his punishment for being in last place last year in his Fantasy Football League.

“Nobody thinks they’re going to be that guy,” said Eric. B.

He says the members of his league all agreed a billboard shaming the loser’s less than brag worthy season would be the punishment for the last pace contender.

“I had to design this thing myself. I guess that’s another part of my punishment,” he said.

People who see the sign have giggled and smirked about its message.

“Everybody’s been a loser at one time or another, but very few of us have to have it on a billboard,” said Tom Roney.

Eric B. says he is taking it all in stride and in good humor.

He says the public embarrassment is motivating him to be better with this year’s Fantasy Football League.

The billboard cost about $1,200 and it will stay up for 30 days.