EL PASO (CBSDFW.COM) –An eyewitness to the West Texas shooting spoke out about what he saw and what he caught on camera in the first moments after the shooting.

“I was looking for the guy with the gun. That’s all I was thinking,” eyewitness Edgar Yepez told CBS 11. “Looking for the guy with a gun and trying to put some people under my truck.”

Eyewitness To West Texas Shooting Shares Story; Video

Eyewitness To West Texas Shooting Shares Story; Video (Credit: Edgar Yepez)

Yepez captured the moments the shooter took aim in Odessa with his phone’s camera.

Amid the chaos people can be seen running through a parking lot to get away from danger while others are crying.

Yepez saw everything as it happened including the moment 17-month-old Anderson Davis was pulled out of a car after she was hit by gunfire.

“I have kids. I have daughters and it’s something hard to watch… and something hard to forget, because it was a moment of panic.”

Thankfully Davis is already well on her way to recovering.

Edgar Yepez

Edgar Yepez

The shooting hits close to home on two fronts for Yepez.

He’s from El Paso where just a month ago 22 people were killed in an attack at a Walmart in that city.

“In El Paso I’ve got some friends that got shot too.”

His loved ones back home were among the injured, and Saturday — in the town where he works — he found himself facing tragedy again.

“It’s hard for all of us – for all the community. Here, in El Paso with these things happening.”