FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Ray Campbell grew up watching baseball at Fort Worth’s LaGrave Field. His wife, Betty, used to listen to games on the radio, after her mother thought she was asleep. Baseball, has been part of their life, from the beginning.

“Stand out in a grass field, hit it, go hunting for it for 30 minutes, find a snake or two,” Ray recalled Friday. “I just lived with it.”

They have lived without it though – at least without Rangers baseball – since they moved to Iowa to be near family four years ago.

“I watched every game I could get on TV up there,” Betty said.

Of course it hasn’t been the same as the days they used to see their favorites in person. That was Nolan Ryan for Ray, Adrian Beltre for Betty.

So this week, for the final series at the ballpark, their kids brought them back.

“We wanted to see it for the last time,” Betty said. “Cause we are both 87. We’re not going to be able to, I’m not going to be able to make a trip.”

They took a tour, and bought some souvenirs, but don’t have tickets. There just wasn’t enough money. And they’re ok with that. Because as much as this was about coming back for baseball, it was also about coming back home.

“This is home,” Ray said. “You can pull your roots up, but when you get my age, your roots are so deep, you can’t cut ’em loose.”