DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As Amber Guyger spends her first night in the Dallas County Jail, communities across the county are reacting to the murder conviction.

The question many are asking is, “how do we prevent a similar tragedy from happening again?”

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They never want to see another innocent life, like Botham Jean’s, end the way his did.

Some are hoping Amber Guyger’s murder conviction leads to a new era of policing.

Amber Guyger’s mug shot was released shortly before 6 p.m. (credit: Dallas County Jail)

“How do we prevent this from happening again, not just in Dallas, but throughout the United States?” Joseph Hawley said. “Training I think overall supersedes everything else right now.”

“For me, her training came into question during this trial so the training process at DPD must be addressed,” Senior Pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III said. ”What is the training process of de-escalation?”


Haynes said the night Guyger walked into Jean’s apartment and felt threatened, she should have backed away.

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He said the texts sent to her police partner, who she was intimate with, should have never been deleted.

“These are the messages that are being exchanged by those who are sworn to serve and protect us, so we don’t feel safe,” Joy Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Rev. Dr. Michael Waters said.

“I think every single person that was involved in any way obstructing justice and tried to cover this up needs to be called to account,” Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research
Omar Suleiman said.

“There should be a step ladder of achievement that they should get on learning how to master non-lethal means before they are given the right to and the privilege to walk around with your pistol and enforce laws,” Kingz of Cutz’ Gerard Claiborne.


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