By Erin Jones

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — With storms predicted to hit DFW tomorrow, people dealing with damage are kicking their recovery efforts into full gear.

Not only is Albert Arbelaez working to patch his damaged roof and move storm debris away from his northwest Dallas house, but as a contractor, he’s helping a lot of his neighbors out, too.

“Temporary repairs… Kind of crucial right now,” Arbelaez said. “The storms are coming in tomorrow and Friday, but also there’s upcoming ones next week too.”

Tree service companies are also doing what they can to help clean up Sunday’s storm damage.

“This tree that fell over here… We’re trying to get it done before the storm hits,” George Roberts of Roberts Tree Service said.

Meanwhile, residents like George Allen are working to find pieces of their own property that were swept away by the twister.

“I found my turbine finally it was on Salisbury Drive — the next street over — and shingles in everybody’s yard,” he said. “Now, what’s going to happen next? Of course I don’t have many trees left… So, the next thing that will go is the entire house.”

Erin Jones