DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – While clean up is well underway in some neighborhoods following Sunday’s tornado in Dallas, one community says they were forgotten, and they need help.

Earlier Wednesday, residents who live at the Southwind Apartments off of Brockbank Drive said they’re getting the runaround.

Mireya Renteria said she’s one of the lucky ones at the apartments, mainly because she has somewhere to stay. But the same can’t be said for many others forced to evacuate.

Renteria said the low income families that live there haven’t received any help from the city or the management company.

“Every day is the same thing. One different stories, people giving different names,” she complained.

Frustration is building; with no place to go and no assistance for basic needs, people turned to community activist Carlos Quintanilla for help.

“We are desperate to get answers, desperate to get help. There has been no financial assistance, no assistance for clothing, they have been completely abandoned left out in the cold to fend for themselves,” said Quintanilla.

Maria Acosta rode out the storm with her family, but now is essentially homeless without anywhere to go.

“The owners are playing ping pong with who is responsible, and what’s happening is we are left out in the cold,” said Acosta.

CBS 11 News spoke to someone at Sunridge management who they haven’t managed the property since October 1. 

Reporter Ken Molestina pressed for more answers, asking why the company collected rent for the month if that was true. The woman he spoke to refused to give her name, then laughed before slamming down the phone.