(CBS 11) – As I write this, it is a rainy day in Texas so today’s blog is appropriate!

Eddie Rabbit (1941-1998) was a successful country music singer/songwriter from New York (yes, correct, he was born in Brooklyn).

From 1974-1990, he charted 40 songs on Billboard, with 17 of them at #1. One major event in his life that got him started was when Elvis Presley recorded his song, “Kentucky Rain.”

When I was doing country radio ten years ago, my audience on KTFW, which attracted an older audience, loved Eddie Rabbit songs!

Today’s featured song is “I Love A Rainy Night.” It was the second single off of his album “Horizon.”

Written by Rabbit, David Malloy and Even Stevens, produced by David Malloy, it was released November 8, 1980 on the Electra Records label, running 3:08. It was one of his #1 songs (Hot Country Singles, Billboard Hot 100, and the Adult Contemporary Singles charts) and was on the country chart for 12 weeks.

Apparently, the inspiration for this song came from a song Rabbit had recorded in the late 1960s… on a rainy night!

This song is a “crossover song,” meaning you could possibly hear it not only on a country station but on a “greatest hits” station as well, given its popularity when it was released.