(CBS 11) – On a recent Foote Files blog, we paid tribute to former New York radio personality Harry Harrison (WMCA/WABC/WCBS-FM New York) as an upcoming inductee into the Radio Hall Of Fame this November.

In the video for that blog, there was a segment with Harry visiting with Joe McCoy, who was an on-air personality at CBS-FM before becoming its Program Director. In a scoped air check, Joe “intros” and plays a song by Three Dog Night that I had forgotten all about.

Three Dog Night was a pop-rock vocal trio from Los Angeles with Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron. The group name’s comes from what would be described as the coldest night in Australia. Wells passed away on October 20, 2015.

“Sure As I’m Sittin’ Here” was the group’s last song to chart in the Billboard top 20. It was part of their 1974 album “Hard Labor.”

Written (and originally performed) by John Hiatt and produced by Jimmy Ienner, it reached #16 on the U.S. charts. It’s actually a good song, even though it was not a top 10 hit.

The song runs 3:07 and was on the Dunhill/ABC record label.

Sure as I’m sittin’ here writing this blog, here it is! Enjoy!