DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas County jury took approximately one hour to hand down a life sentence to 45-year-old Darrell Davis for the murder of his 75-year-old uncle, Marvin Patterson.

The crime happened on January 4, 2019, when Dallas Police officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on Bonnieview Road.

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Darrell Davis

When officers arrived, Davis was standing outside the home. As they approached him, he said he had, “Just beat up his uncle.”

Davis said he struck his uncle on the back of the head with a bottle but “it didn’t break.” He said he continued hitting him until “he just fell asleep.”

Davis and his attorney later claimed it was a crime of sudden passion.

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“But that’s not what happened here,” said Lead Prosecutor Hilary Wright. “Davis has a history of being violent. In 2004, He committed his first violent offense against his wife and was convicted of assault family violence. In 2011, he also targeted and attacked a woman at a Walmart store, beating her about the face and knocking her teeth out because he wanted her car,” Wright added.

Davis, who has a history of mental illness and abusing street drugs, has received help many times in the past but he refuses to take his prescribed medications making him a danger to society.

In her closing arguments, Prosecutor Wright told jurors, Davis bludgeoned to death an elderly relative who was trying to help him by giving him a place to stay.

In return, the victim had his skull bashed in on both sides and suffered broken ribs.

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“I am asking you to put this dangerous man away where he can get help, if he chooses, and where the family can be safe for the rest of their lives,” said Wright.