CARROLLTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – New numbers from the CDC show vaping is causing sickness in a growing number of people. ​

Now, Carrollton Farmers Branch​ I-S-D is joining a growing number of North Texas school districts trying to help parents talk to their kids about the dangers.

Some parents told CBS 11 they’ve experienced the dangers of vaping first hand with their kids. ​

Thursday night they showed up to learn how to better address it, knowing they play a key role in prevention.​

“As a parent you never know what your ​child says to you and what they do in the back of your back,”​ said Valerie Evans whose two children had tried vaping. ​”My children have experimented with it and ​that’s the sad part.. but you kind of just hope they’re ​not getting in that loop where they’re using it all the time.” ​

Evans attended an informational meeting on​ how to handle what can be a difficult, uncomfortable discussion. ​

“It’s very informative to let parents ​know the depth to which this goes, how prevalent ​it can be and is in society today,” said Dawn Parnell with CFBISD.​

​New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal 2,172 lung ​injury cases linked to e-cigarette or vape products.​

In Detroit, surgeons recently preformed a​ double lung transplant on a 17-year-old whose lungs were irreparably damaged, doctors believe due to vaping. ​

“It makes me scared being a parent,” said Emily Crawford. “But ​I think it’s better to be preventative and talk about it now.”​

Vaping (CBS 11)

A spokesperson for the district says ​students with questions and concerns on vaping​ can go to counselors at any time.

They have been well-trained on the subject.

Erin Jones