By Caroline Vandergriff | CBS 11 News

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Mayor of Denton has declared a state of emergency to help a neighborhood set to lose all water service.

The owner of the well that has supplied water to residents of Green Tree Estates plans to shut it off on Friday.

Nearly 50 people live in the mobile home community, and a majority are families with children. They received notice last month their water service would be discontinued on November 15.

“That was just really crazy,” said Tracy Owens, who lives in Green Tree Estates. “Why would someone actually do that? Especially around the holiday season.”

Since then, the city has scrambled to help the neighborhood.

“The city has worked and attempted to work with the state regulatory agencies to try to give the residents a longer notice period so they could adjust and plan and the city could adjust and plan, but they elected not to do that,” said Ryan Adams, deputy director of public affairs for the City of Denton.

Green Tree Estates is on private property, but it was annexed by the city six years ago.

“Right now we would not be able to hook up into the city system, primarily because it’s a private system that we have no idea of the quality, the age, the structural integrity,” Adams said.

Under the state of emergency declaration, the city will deliver water tanks to each home as a temporary solution while staff look at long-term options.

“It’s a very unique event,” said Adams. “We have a lot of experienced staff in the City of Denton, and not one of them has really every come across a situation like this.”

The families who live in Green Tree Estates don’t want to be forced to leave.

“It doesn’t just affect us adults,” Owens said. “It affects the kids. All the kids here, they all play together. Hopefully they get it fixed and we do get to stay out here.”

The mayor’s emergency declaration lasts seven days. The city council is scheduled to meet tomorrow at noon to potentially extend it.